About Us

Our current fresh produce supply chains involve multiple middlemen, with absolutely no traceability and little regard for hygiene and safety. This results in fruits and vegetables with a short shelf life, that spoil quickly even in our refrigerators. Lack of freshness, quality problems and substandard flavour constantly trouble us all

We ensure that all the produce send to you is purchased directly from the source, be it the importer or farmer, to guarantee the freshest and best quality is delivered

By following a multistage sorting, and quality oriented grading approach, we strive to only provide you with the most of what mother nature has to offer.

We deliver only twice a week to ensure that our entire range is purchased fresh and delivered the very same day, giving you the maximum juiciness, shelf life and farm fresh taste every time.

So go on, try our range to explore the best of the world on your plate, delivered directly to your doorstep